John Lewis FAQ

John Lewis FAQGiven that John Lewis is a retailer that specialises in selling mainly premium quality goods at relatively high prices, it is understandable that many potential customers have questions to ask before purchasing an item which could cost hundreds or thousands of pounds. To help make this process easier for you we have conveniently put together the answers to 4 of the most frequently asked questions by prospective John Lewis customer service users so you can have the information you need to make an informed purchase.

Will John Lewis ‘Price Match’ an offer on an item being offered by a different retailer?

One of the biggest draws of John Lewis is that they regularly offer a ‘Price Match’ on deals being offered elsewhere. However, people prefer to shop with John Lewis due to its reliability. The simple answer is that, in the majority of cases, John Lewis will ‘price match’ by equalling the price being offered elsewhere while still allowing you to take advantage of their much lauded guarantee. The exception to this is when the item is being offered by an online-only retailer or mail order store.

Will John Lewis Deliver Items Abroad?

Some items ordered online with John Lewis can be delivered to some foreign countries. Delivery of the majority of items to European countries and America, Canada and Australia is fairly straightforward. For other items it is best to contact customer service before ordering.

Does John Lewis Deliver All Products Free Of Charge?

For orders totalling £50 or more, John Lewis will provide free standard delivery to its customers based in the UK. This service is relatively slow as it takes between 5 and 7 days for the items to arrive. John Lewis charges a standard £3 delivery fee for all orders under £50. For customers who would prefer quicker delivery of their order, John Lewis provides the option to pay extra for faster delivery.

Does John Lewis Offer A Loyalty Scheme?

Like other successful retailers, John Lewis understands the importance of rewarding its regular customers. It does this through its Partnership Card which gives customers points for every purchase which can later be converted into vouchers. The John Lewis Partnership Card can be applied for online.