How to find your local John Lewis store

John Lewis local storesAs one of the United Kingdom’s largest and most successful retailers that operates in the mid-to-upmarket section, millions of people across the country want to know the location of their nearest John Lewis store. This may be in order to buy an item from the store backed up by John Lewis’s tremendous guarantee, take advantage of one of the special offers regularly available or to return an item with a fault or one that was received as an unwanted gift.

The Main Locations 

John Lewis stores can be found in three of the four UK constituent countries, namely England, Scotland and Wales. There are currently no store locations to be found outside of the United Kingdom, although there are plans currently on-hold to open one in Dublin, Ireland. 


As is to be expected with a store such as John Lewis, its stores are mainly concentrated in large centres of population. Pretty much all of the major cities in England had a John Lewis store including London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Southampton, Exeter, Milton Keynes, Nottingham and several more. 


In Scotland’s three largest and most affluent cities – namely Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen – John Lewis has established stores that attract customers from all over the surrounding areas. 


Wales has a single John Lewis store in its capital of Cardiff. There are plans to add more locations in the country in the near future.

The Main Headquarters of John Lewis

While operating stores up and down the country, John Lewis is still, as expected for a company of its size, located in London. Its most iconic and successful store is also situated in London and can be found on Oxford Street. The exact address of the John Lewis London headquarters, should you need to contact them for something important, is John Lewis Partnership, Partnership House, Carlisle Place, London. 

Where To Go In Most Cases

For most matters, however, it would probably be best to go to your nearest John Lewis store and speak to the management in charge at that store through the customer service desk. 

Finding Your Nearest John Lewis

The most efficient way of finding the nearest John Lewis store is to go online to the website and enter your postcode. This will return you the details and address of the closest at John Lewis storage to where you live.